Burien Roofing Contractor

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If a roofing contractor in Burien, WA, is asking for multiple days to complete a job, walk out. These professionals charge by the hour, and the longer they take, the more they charge. Team up with Johnson Exteriors instead. Every Burien roofing contractor on our staff is equipped with cutting-edge roof repair tools.

These tools allow our Burien roofing contractor to improve the speed of their work while still maintaining high-quality standards. Every Burien roofing contractor on our team is adept at repairing shingles, replacing broken flashing, and performing full-scale roof replacements.

With our roofing contractor, you will get guarantees of fast, cost-efficient, and high-quality work which inclues:

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Burien Residential Roofer

Expert Burien residential roofer in WA near 98166

Years of neglect can cause your roof to age rapidly. Thankfully, our Burien residential roofer can help you reverse the age of your roof! Our Burien residential roofer can optimize every aspect of your roof to make it look and function as good as new.

The Burien residential roofer can repair missing shingles, tighten loose flashing, and fix loose seams.

Our Burien residential roofer can also deep-clean your gutters and patch up any holes in your roof with premium-grade sealants and patch kits. Once our residential roofer is done upgrading your roof, it will be stormproof, leak-free, and optimized to perform efficiently.

We do not charge anything for phone consultations. Reach out to us for:

  • Residential roofing services
  • Residential roof replacement
  • Residential roof inspection
  • Residential roof coating

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Burien New Roofs

Get a quote for Burien new roofs in WA near 98166

If your roof is old and needs replacing, our installers for Burien new roofs can help. Our Burien new roofs installation team provides all-around services. That means from selecting the right materials for your roof to installing it in a safe and compliant way, our installers for Burien new roofs do it all.

Our new roofs installers can also use the latest video inspection technology to understand why your old roof failed. Using this information, our Burien new roofs installers can create strategic long-term roof maintenance plans.

We dismantle old roofs with new ones that are sturdy, stylish, and weatherproof. Our services include:

  • New roof installation
  • New shingle roof
  • New house roof
  • New roof over old roof

To learn how our Burien new roofs installers can help you, contact Johnson Exteriors now!

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