Roof Repair Company Serving the Tacoma Community

roof-repair-tacoma-waThe roof over your home or business place places a crucial role. It protects your most important people and investments. How safe your family, employees, and valuable belongings are inside your property depends a lot on the condition of its roof.

Call Johnson Exteriors, Inc. for roof repair in Tacoma, WA if the strength and functionality of your roof has been compromised. Our full-service roofing company offers comprehensive roof repair services and can work on almost any types of roofs.

Whether you need flat roof repair or roofing repair for a pitched roof, or if you need repairs for metal roof or cedar shake roofing, we are here to serve you.

We offer roof repair services in Tacoma to fix all big and small problems with your roofing that arise for any reason. You can call our roofing repair experts when your roof suffers:

  • Wind damage
  • Damage from falling trees
  • Animal damage
  • Destruction due to ice damming or heavy rain

Roof Leak Repair Services for Tacoma Residential and Commercial Roofs

roof-leak-repair-tacoma-waLeaks are possibly the most common issue with roofing. The common causes of roof leaks are:

  • Missing/damaged shingles
  • Cracked chimney
  • Improperly sealed skylights and vents
  • Fissures or cracks in flashing

Most roof leaks start small and often go undetected. But, no time should be lost in seeking roof leak repair once the problem becomes known. Neglecting the matter and continually delaying roof leak repair can lead to serious consequences, like damage to the walls and foundation, growth of hazardous mold and mildew, and more.

Home and business owners should call us for roof leak repair in Tacoma the instant they notice a leak. We dispatch our technicians immediately and they will determine the source of leak to make the necessary roof leak repair.

Roofing Repair to Extend the Life of Tacoma Roofs

roofing-repair-tacoma-waConstant exposure to the elements makes roofs vulnerable to damage and wear. Hiring the right roofing repair professionals is essential to restoring a damaged roof, extending its life, and avoiding its premature replacement.

We are the specialists to call for roofing repair services in Tacoma. We schedule jobs promptly, make thorough roof inspections to determine the exact roof repair needs, and use high quality roof leak repair sealant and other roofing repair materials. Moreover, we:

  • Send over well-trained, trustworthy, drug-free technicians
  • Are a state-licensed roof repair company
  • Charge affordable prices, communicated upfront

Trust Johnson Exteriors, Inc. for all your roofing repair needs in Tacoma. Call 360-226-2521.