Roof Inspections, Repair and Maintenance Services for Kent



The new roof of your commercial or residential property in Kent, WA is a costly investment. To maintain the condition of your new roof, you need to ensure regular maintenance of your roofs.

To make sure that your new roof is well maintained and receives proper roof repair, you need to hire a reliable roofer for Kent. You should look for a roofer in the Kent area who is experienced in installing new roof systems and the repair of existing roofs.

Johnson Exteriors Inc.. is your local roofer for Kent, offering unmatched roof related services. We carefully inspect your roof and adopt the best practices for repairing roofs. Our aim is to keep your new roof strong and beautiful. To ensure the proper maintenance of your roofs, we follow the following steps:

  • Inspection of roof
  • Immediate repair of roof
  • Regular maintenance of roofs


Roofs Installed on Kent Residential and Commercial Buildings



We are your local roofer for Kent, capable of serving you with reliable new roof installation and roof repair services. With time, your new roof can lose its strength, requiring you to look for a roofer for repairing the roof.

If you are worried about the condition of your new roof, then hire us as your roofer for the Kent area and be assured that you will get reliable roof maintenance services.

Being an experienced roofer, we can repair roofs damaged by:

  • Weather conditions
  • Physical damage
  • Neglect


No matter if you require immediate roof repair services or regular maintenance solutions for your roofs, our team for Kent can efficiently serve your needs. From installing a new roof to the maintenance of roofs, we assure you that we will provide satisfactory services.

Experienced Roofer for a New Roof in Kent



As a leading roofer for Kent, we adopt a proactive approach for identifying common roof problems and repairing leaks. Ignoring the need to hire a roofer for repairing your roofs can escalate minor issues.

By identifying common issues in your roof on time, we act as your reliable roofer and keep you safe from expenses and risks.

You can hire us as your roofer for:

  • Installation of a residential roof
  • Installation of commercial roofs
  • Maintenance of your new roof
  • Repair of roofs


Call Johnson Exteriors Inc.., your local roofer for Kent,at 360.226.2521 or 206.538.2980 for new roof installation, the repair of your existing roof or regular maintenance of roofs.