Roof Inspection Services for Tacoma Property Owners


Contact Johnson Exteriors, Inc. if you want nothing less than the best residential or commercial roof inspection services in Tacoma, WA. Improper roof maintenance means compromising the beauty, security, and value of your property. You cannot allow that to happen!

The first step towards protecting your investment is having residential or commercial roof inspection done:

  • At the right intervals
  • In a detailed manner
  • By professionals who know how to inspect a roof for damage

We are one of the few residential and commercial roof inspection companies that Tacoma residents can trust for professional and flawless services.

Roof Maintenance Services to Maintain Tacoma Roofing


Neglecting the roofing system can have serious and damaging consequences for any property owner. The roof simply cannot be taken for granted. It is important to have a well-thought-out roof maintenance plan in place for all Tacoma properties.

But if you do not follow that plan with skilled, seasoned professionals you risk the deterioration of your roof. Call the pros. Call us to handle your roof maintenance service. We are proud to be one of the most reliable roof maintenance companies around for home and business owners to work with.

Our company has highly trained technicians equipped with top-of-the-line tools and solutions to perform a thorough roof maintenance job that includes:

  • Inspecting the roof for damage
  • Removing debris and stains
  • Repairing damaged areas

Our experts help preserve the beauty, performance, and durability of the roofing system.

Tacoma Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections


We offer our services for residential and commercial roof inspection in Tacoma to meet diverse requirements. Property owners can rely on us to inspect the roof as part of their regular roof maintenance program or for handle urgently scheduled inspections after a hailstorm to check on the roof’s condition.

Our residential and commercial roof inspection services are also used to help with property valuations during real estate transactions. With us, customers have the assurance of working with one of their area’s leading residential or commercial roof inspection companies that:

  • Is state-licensed
  • Has vast experience and stellar standing in the roofing industry
  • Places a high premium on quality service
  • Is known to be very customer-friendly

Need to a schedule roof maintenance job for your Tacoma property? Want a free estimate of residential or commercial roof inspection cost? Call Johnson Exteriors, Inc. at (360) 226-2521.