Roof Inspection Services for Seattle Property Owners


If you have come here searching for the finest residential or commercial roof inspection services available in Seattle, WA, then you are the right place! Johnson Exteriors, Inc. is one of the leading roof maintenance companies catering to this community.

We are one of the foremost sources for residential and commercial roof inspection services. Our technicians can be called for inspecting roofs:

  • As part of the routine roof maintenance program
  • To assess damage after a violent storm
  • At the time of sale or purchase of properties

Regardless of why we are hired for residential or commercial roof inspection by Seattle property owners, we assure them of highly efficient, thorough and professional services. We send skilled technicians who have extensive experience in roof maintenance and inspection behind them.

Our crews take pride in their work and are committed to doing a seamless job.

Roof Maintenance Services to Maintain Seattle Roofing


The roofing system of your property is an important and significant investment. If you want it to last a long time, there is no better way to ensuring proper maintenance of the roof. We will assist in drawing up an appropriate roof maintenance plan or schedule to make this happen!

You must see to it that the required maintenance work is done:

  • In a timely manner
  • By well-trained technicians only
  • Diligently, without cutting corners

This is where we come in! Our roof maintenance services in Seattle are second to none and delivered precisely as they should be. The team we send over proven pros who do the job right the first time. Our professionals work along with a detailed roof maintenance checklist making sure that all areas are inspected every step of the way.

Seattle Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections


Taking a do-it-yourself approach to residential or commercial roof inspection is simply the right thing to do. Property owners who believe that they do not need professional help with inspecting their roofing system run the risk of:

  • Suffering injury while climbing or walking on the roof
  • Leaving some part of the roof uninspected
  • Failing to assess the roof condition accurately
  • Damaging the roof

We are one of the most trusted residential or commercial roof inspection companies in Seattle. Our technicians know how to inspect a roof for damage and are focused on doing so properly, safely.

Call Johnson Exteriors, Inc. at (360) 226-2521 for residential or commercial roof inspection in Seattle.