Roof Inspection Services for Covington Property Owners


‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is an adage which is true in the case of roofing systems for many properties. Their owners check out the condition of the roof only when there are problems and often find themselves looking at expensive repairs.

At Johnson Exteriors, Inc., we offer residential and commercial roof inspection services for Covington, WA residents. We recommend that property owners call professionals like us bi-annually or at least annually to inspect their roofs.

This periodic residential or commercial roof inspection is an essential part of roof maintenance as it helps catch small defects or damages before they become serious and costly.

We can provide residential and commercial roof inspection in Covington when events happen that could harm the roofing. These include:

  • Heavy rains
  • Hail or wind storms
  • Tree branches falling on the roof
  • Ice damming

Roof Maintenance Services to Maintain Covington Roofing


Roof repair or replacement can be expensive. To keep this needless or premature expense at bay, you should have a proper roof maintenance plan for your Covington property in place.

Having our knowledgeable and diligent professionals come in every six months to spend some time examining all the nooks & corners of your roof closely ensures early detection of roofing issues that can become large if ignored.

With us taking care of your roof maintenance needs, you can relax knowing that your investment is in good hands. Our technicians work with a well-defined roof maintenance checklist to ensure that the roof of your home or commercial building:

  • Is clean
  • Does not leak or have any other damage
  • Looks attractive and in prime condition
  • Has maximum lifespan

Covington Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections


Residential and commercial roof inspections by professionals are also required during the selling or purchasing process of a property. While the seller needs to confirm that the roof is in good shape helping the property to fetch the right price, the buyer wants it done to determine if there are issues that need to be addressed before he purchases the property.

Our company can handle all types of residential and commercial roof inspection jobs in Covington. We offer you all the satisfaction that comes from working with a company that:

  • Is licensed
  • Employs skilled technicians
  • Keeps the residential or commercial roof inspection cost affordable

To hire the experts at Johnson Exteriors, Inc. for roof maintenance of inspection in Covington, call (360) 226-2521.