Roof Inspections, Repair and Maintenance Services for Federal Way



The roof is a valuable part of the structure of your Federal Way, WA home. Roofs add to the beauty of your property. So hire one of the best roofer companies for installing a new roof or the repair or maintenance of your roof in Federal Way.Johnson Exteriors Inc.. is a renowned roofer for Federal Way, offering efficient new roof installation and roof maintenance services.

We ensure you that we will deliver satisfactory roof related services in Federal way. Every new roof we install is:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Reliable


Whether you are looking for a roofer to repair your existing roof or get a new roof installed in Federal Way, you can rely on us for outstanding services.

Roofs Installed on Federal Way Residential and Commercial Buildings



Residential and commercial property owners should pay attention to the condition of their roofs by hiring a credible roofer. As we do not get to see the roof very often, we often overlook the presence of common problems in roofs, which can arise in a new roof after some time, such as:

  • Cracks in roofs
  • Leakage in your new roof
  • Missing tiles in existing roofs


Not paying attention to minor problems in roofs or delaying in hiring a roofer can lead to considerable damage to your roof. Therefore it is suggested that property owners in Federal Way hire a reliable and experienced roofer so that their roofs can remain strong and safe for a long time.

Experienced Roofer for a New Roof in Federal Way



We are a competent roofer for Federal Way offering incomparable roof related services. Being your local roofer,we use material of the highest quality when installing a new roof. Similarly, we give utmost importance to the quality and durability of roofs when doing there pair or maintenance of a new roof. Our team is skilled in new roof installation and roof repair.

Our experts for Federal Way are well aware of the right process of installing a new roof and repairing the existing roofs to enhance their durability and strength.It is advised that you take good care of your roofs in Federal Way by hiring a good roofer. Getting your new roof installed and current roofs repaired on time by an experienced roofer is important to ensure:

  • Durability of the roof
  • Safety of residents
  • Visual appeal of the property


To know more about our roof related services or to hire a reliable roofer for installing a new roof or maintaining existing roofs in Federal Way, give a call to Johnson Exteriors Inc.. at 360.226.2521 or 206.538.2980.