Roofing Contractor for Redmond Residential Roofs


Our roofing contractors make up our skilled roofing and roof repair team. Our company has vast experience in residential roofing and complete roof repair. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded in the Redmond, WA area.

When it comes to roof repair or residential roofing, there’s no better choice than Johnson Exteriors. Contact us today for your free estimate and quote!

Most homeowners don’t care about how important their roof really is, and the fact is that your home’s roof is the first thing to protect you in the line of defense against storms, snow, wind, rain, and other natural disasters.

The roof is an integral part of your home’s structure. In short, it is extremely important, so make sure it is maintained properly.

We work as a team and have a group of professionals that are completely trained in residential roofing and roof repair. In addition to this, our new installation roofing contractor plays an important role in maintaining our prestige and quality.

Residential Roofing in the Redmond Community


Before hiring a roofing contractor or roof repair team, you will need to do a bit of research about the company’s background, experience, feedback from past clients, testimonials, their number of completed projects.

Ask family members or friends for referrals, check with the Chamber of Commerce and read online reviews to make sure that the roofing contractor or residential roofing team you choose is qualified to handle your project.

Once you go through this process, which we highly advise, you will find our name and services at the top of your search. Our roofing contractor, roof repair experts and residential roofing professionals are highly recommended in and around the Redmond area.

Roof Repair for Redmond Residents

Our company is an active member of the State’s Roofing Contractors Association. We have served thousands of Redmond homeowners and business owners and they all would be happy to give you as many references as you needed for your satisfaction.

We provide a warranty on our installation and workmanship, done by our roofing contractor, roof repair team or residential roofing experts for the lifetime of the roof.

A reputable roofing company or roofing contractor does not demand payments before the work. We collect the payments at the end of your project when we've met or exceeded your expectations.

Our roofing contractor and roof repair experts believe in proper business etiquette. Visit our website to learn how to protect yourself and not fall victim to high-pressure sales people, uninsured companies, and poor workmanship.