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Established over 25 years ago, Johnson Exteriors, Inc. is a leading and successful residential roofing contractor for roof repair and new roof installations serving the North Bend, WA community.We are the leading residential roofing contractors for North Bend.

Our extensive experience in the residential roofing industry, gives us the knowledge to choose the best roofing products to match the roof designs and application.

We offer quality products and services, and employ expert and professional technicians who are masters in their area of work.

We employ cutting edge technology and use it with quality products to offer unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We offer timely, safe, and cost effective roofing solutions.

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There are various reasons which cause the roof of your home to leak, leaving you with no other option than calling for an emergency roof repair service. Just because the roof leak appears in one spot inside the structure, does not mean that it came from that spot only.

Water leak can run down the expensive interior of the building. You must call a roof repair company and replacement experts who can provide affordable residential roof repairs efficiently and quickly. In some case, a new roof may be required if the damage is extensive.

We are an experience roofing contractor for new roofs or roof repairs for your North Bend home.

Some of our services include:

  • Composition roofing
  • Cedar shakes and shingles
  • Low slope single ply systems
  • Turret and sheet metal cornice systems
  • Roofing inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Stainless steel and custom copper
  • Sheet metal roofing
  • Sheet metal flashing fabrication downspouts and gutters

Why Choose Johnson Exteriors, Inc. in North Bend, WA?

Johnson Exteriors, Inc. is a North Bend, WA based residential roofing contractor serving the entire region for the last 25 years. We repair and replace all kinds of roofs, metal, low pitch single ply, and composition.

Some of our unique features include:

  • A wide range of roof repairs and replacement services
  • Nearly 5000 roofing projects completed
  • Offer personalized attention & great customer service
  • Attention to minutest of details
  • We work hand in hand with our architects and owners and offer excellent quality products


Trust only professional residential roofing contractors in North Bend, WA for your roofing needs. Call Johnson Exteriors, Inc. today at 360.226.2521 or 206.538.2980!