Redmond Metal Roofing


Offering quality metal roofs, Johnson Exteriors Inc.. has emerged as a trusted metal roofing expert in the Redmond, WA area. We understand that a metal roof has become an ideal choice for constructing or renovating a property.

From low slope commercial metal roofing to steep slope residential metal roofing, we offer precise metal roofing services, enabling our Redmond clients to enjoy the true benefits of metal roofs.

As metal roofs offer numerous benefits,the people of Redmond are choosing them to upgrade their property.

Whether you want a metal roof for your commercial or residential property, you can choose us as your metal roofing specialist in the Redmond area. We offer:

  • Commercial metal roofing
  • Residential metal roofing
  • Certified metal roof
  • Safe metal roofing

Redmond Metal Roof


Constructed from metal pieces, a metal roof provides long lasting protection to your Redmond building.

As metal roofs offer more benefits than conventional roofs made from other materials, people now opt for metal roofing to enjoy long-term benefits. Some of the advantages of a metal roof include:

  • A metal roof is an excellent insulator
  • A metal roof requires negligible maintenance costs
  • A metal roof can withstand heat
  • A metal roof comes in numerous designs


We analyze your Redmond property to provide you with the right metal roof that suits the climate and architectural design of your property. Choosing us as your metal roofing experts in the Redmond area, you are sure to make the most of your metal roof investment.

Redmond Metal Roofs


Whether it is your workplace or home, metal roofs make a reliable option for roofing. Unlike asphalt shingles that harm the environment, metal roofs are eco-friendly.

Besides, metal roofs form a reliable way of upgrading the property. You can choose a metal roof for your home or business structure.

If you are planning to get metal roofs for your Redmond property, come to us. Our metal roofing experts evaluate your requirements to deliver precise metal roofs.Our service includes:

  • Repair of metal roofs
  • Fabrication of metal roofs
  • Installation of metal roofs
  • Replacement of an old metal roof


We are certified by many roofing manufacturers, offering suitable warranties and covering the materials and labor involved in one warranty.

Redmond residents can call Johnson Exteriors Inc.. at (206) 538-2980 to get metal roofing service with a difference.