Puyallup Metal Roofing


Johnson Exteriors Inc.. is a company offering metal roofing service in Puyallup, WA. Our metal roofing experts hold years of experience in delivering quality metal roofs for your residential and commercial property in Puyallup. Being certified by many metal roofing product manufacturers, we provide metal roofs that come with warranties.

Metal roofs have become a preferred choice in Puyallup when it comes to constructing or remodeling a home or office. Metal roofing systems offer the following benefits:

  • Metal roofing allows you to save money on air conditioning and heating systems
  • Metal roofing provides protection to your Puyallup property
  • Metal roofing is environmentally friendly
  • Metal roofing lasts for many years

To get energy-efficient metal roofs for your Puyallup residence or workplace, come to us.

Puyallup Metal Roof


A metal roof makes an ideal choice when it comes to looking for a new roof for your Puyallup home. As metal roofs come with various benefits, they are preferred over conventional roofs. Apart from being available in numerous designs and patterns, a metal roof includes the following advantages.

  • A metal roof meets your property‚Äôs design trends
  • A metal roof is light in weight
  • A metal roof is not susceptible to damage due to wind or fire
  • A metal roof helps in home improvement

Considering the benefits of a metal roof, if you are planning to get a metal roof for your Puyallup home, choose us as your metal roofing experts. Our experienced experts analyze your needs to provide you with the correct metal roof.

Puyallup Metal Roofs


Metal roofs add value to your property. Although a metal roof might cost you more initially, metal roofs offer longevity and do not breakdown, providing you protection for many years and delivering long term benefits. A metal roof,in fact,saves you money as most metal roofs come with a warranty.

Being trusted suppliers of metal roofs in Puyallup, we provide you with premium metal roofing. The following can be expected from our metal roofs.

  • Our metal roofs are durable
  • Metal roofs are break resistant
  • Our metal roofing is affordable
  • We provide licensed metal roofing experts

Residents of Puyallup can call Johnson Exteriors Inc.. at (206) 538-2980 to get a metal roof for their property that best matches their requirements. We offer free estimates to all callers in the area.