Lakeland Metal Roofing


The roof is an important part of any building, residential or commercial. It must be kept in the best condition to give your building a long and secure lifespan. At Johnson Exteriors, Inc., we offer high quality metal roofing services for Lakeland, WA residents.

The choice of the roof material is an important decision, and you need to take several aspects into consideration when looking for the ideal roofing system.

As an experienced company offering metal roofing in Lakeland, we offer our services for:

  • Commercial projects
  • Residential buildings
  • Sheet metal installation


With us as the company for metal roofing, Lakeland residents can be assured of a high quality metal roof in their homes and offices. We use the best quality materials, ensuring our clients the safest metal roof.

Lakeland Metal Roof


While there are several choices of materials for the roof of your home, you can choose to have a metal roof for your Lakeland home or office.

The metal roof for your Lakeland homes or offices has many benefits and these include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire resistance
  • Beautiful style
  • Maximum wind resistance


You can choose to enhance the look of your home by installing a metal roof on your Lakeland home or office. As compared to other materials, these roofs do not diminish in value as they age. You can rely on our committed and dedicated staff to properly install a metal roof on your Lakeland home.

Lakeland Metal Roofs


There may be several companies installing metal roofs in Lakeland. However, you need to choose the best so that you not only get customized metal roofs for your Lakeland homes and business buildings, but also get them at reasonable prices.

You can choose us for the installation of metal roofs in Lakeland as we possess the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Recommendation
  • Reasonable pricing


With us as their company for metal roofing, Lakeland clients need not bother about anything as they would get all related services under the same roof. Our team of professionals ensures that our clients are satisfied with their metal roof and call us for repeat services. Because of this, we have a list of clients that call us for regular maintenance and repair of the roofs on their buildings.

If you have certain requirements for metal roofing and you are looking for a reliable company that caters to Lakeland, call us at (206) 538-2980.