Buckley Metal Roofing


When it comes to the installation of metal roofing in Buckley, WA, one company that you can rely on is Johnson Exteriors Inc. We have grown tremendously over the years and today, we are a certified company that many manufacturers of roofing products trust. This is why we offer our customers the best warranties for labor as well as products.

Our services include:

  • Installation of metal roofs in Buckley
  • Sheet metal installation
  • Metal siding installation
  • Services for gutters and downspouts
  • Metal roof and wall coating systems
  • Maintenance and inspection of metal roofs and walls


Whether it is steep-sloped metal roofs or flat ones, we can take on any task as we have a team of trained and experienced technicians in our employ. We offer free estimates before you decide to start a metal roof installation so that you can set a budget.

Buckley Metal Roof


Metal roofs in Buckley are becoming quite popular for residential, commercial, government, and industrial buildings. Property owners are coming to realize that this type of roofing system is an investment that gives them long-lasting benefits. The benefits of metal roofs are as follows:

  • They are more durable than other roofing systems
  • They require less maintenance and repairs
  • They are light in weight
  • They are more resistant to wind and fires
  • They are highly energy-efficient
  • They are available in different styles and colors


With these benefits, you can save a large sum of money on monthly energy bills and maintenance and repair expenses with a metal roof. Whether your property is residential or commercial, saving money is always a good thing. You also get the added bonus of increasing your property’s value by installing a metal roof. We highly recommend this type of roofing system, especially since there are different types of metal roofing materials that can suit any type of building.

Buckley Metal Roofs


The installation of metal roofing in Buckley has proven to be beneficial for home and business properties in the city and across Washington State. It is important to remember that this type of roofing system needs to be installed by a team of professionals who have the skill and experience to make sure that the job is properly done.

At Johnson Exteriors Inc., we have a team of highly-trained professionals who will take care of every one of your metal roofing requirements. We will see to it that your new metal roof is efficiently and promptly installed without any problems. For a free metal roofing estimate, call us at (206) 538-2980 today!