Gutter Installation Services for the Puyallup Community


When it comes to gutter installation in the Puyallup, WA area, the services offered by Johnson Exteriors are second-to-none. We send over well-trained, experienced and dedicated technicians to work on all gutter installation projects across the community.

Our professionals:

  • Help customers choose gutters of the right type and quality
  • Make sure rain gutters are securely fixed to the roof
  • Remove all debris and tools from the job site before leaving
  • Give tips for gutter maintenance to the property owners


We also provide free estimates for rain gutter installation cost to help Puyallup customers plan their budget for the project. Along with gutter installation, we also install downspouts and downspout extensions.

Rain Gutters Protect Puyallup Home & Business Property


Installation of rain gutters and downspouts in Puyallup properties is a must, considering the average annual rainfall in the area. An efficient gutter system allows home and business owners to enjoy rain without worrying that the run-off from the rooftop will seep into the building and:

  • Compromise its structural integrity
  • Create cracks in the foundation
  • Damage the exterior paint
  • Require premature replacement of doors, windows, etc.
  • Harm the landscaping with oversaturated soil


Call our experts ASAP to install rain gutters and downspouts in your residential or commercial property if you want to safeguard it against rainwater run-off. We assure you of top-notch gutter installation services. Our technicians leave you breathing easy and totally relaxed, knowing that your property is adequately protected with high-performing rain gutters and downspouts.

Why Choose Us for Gutters and Downspouts in Puyallup?


Fortifying a property with gutters and downspouts calls for a significant financial investment from the property owner. The quality of gutters and gutter installation impacts whether the investment is actually worthwhile.

That is why discerning property owners like you come straight to us when they need new rain gutters and downspouts for their Puyallup property. Choose us for gutter and gutter downspout installation to get the complete satisfaction that comes from working with a company that:

  • Places a high premium on quality
  • Has a long-standing and reputable presence in the industry
  • Is known to be very ethical
  • Maintains excellent manpower and technical resources
  • Believes in fair and upfront pricing
  • Gives #1 priority to customer comfort and satisfaction


Call (360) 226-2521 to discuss your requirements for rain gutters and downspouts in Puyallup with the professionals at Johnson Exteriors.