Concrete-Waterproofing Services for Tacoma


For Tacoma, WA’s residential property owners interested in augmenting the value of their property, it is important for them to look at it from the perspective of a prospective client interested in purchasing said property.

Concrete, because of its durability and strength enjoys great popularity with architects and homeowners alike.

However, at Johnson Exteriors, the experts know that concrete, despite all its positive properties, is prone to succumbing to a frighteningly common phenomenon, exposure to water.

Water, in any form, can seep into the pores, which are found on the surface of concrete, then occupy the empty space in those pores.

With every change in temperature, the water expands and contracts accordingly, weakening the internal structure of the concrete structure and causing the emergence of numerous cracks in the concrete structure, decreasing its strength and the value of its appearance considerably.

To help Tacoma residential property owners with all the problems they are facing, Johnson Exteriors has brought to their disposal the very best in concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings)services, which they can employ in order to effectively protect their Tacoma investments.

Roof Coatings to Enhance and Extend Its Life


The roof of a house is one of the key objectives of a houses construction. However there are many commercial and residential property owners in Tacoma who often end up ignoring the maintenance requirements of their properties, becoming aware of a situation only when it has escalated into visible notice.

The roof coating experts from Johnson Exteriors know that any leakage in the roof can be identified beforehand by visually checking the roof for any damp spots.

The biggest giveaway of roof leakage is the deterioration of the paint due to the moisture in the roof.

These leakages may be caused by water accumulating at a location on the roof, causing it to seep down, bringing with it the hazards of electrical malfunctions due to short circuiting, insect infestations and health hazards like the development of mold and mildew.

Getting the best concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services from Johnson Exteriors is the most cost – effective way for Tacoma’s commercial and residential property owners to steer clear from any such problems, making sure the inhabitants of their properties are safe from the consequences of any of the above symptoms.

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So Tacoma residential property owners who are interested in not only retaining, but increasing their property values can feel free to give the experts at Johnson Exteriors a call on 425-488-6570 and experience for themselves the very best concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services available.