Concrete Waterproofing Services for Redmond


We offer concrete waterproofing services like roof coatings, waterproofing of basement floors and walls, concrete sealer, waterproofing of decking slabs, waterproofing of swimming pools, and also for underground and overhead water tanks, concrete waterproofing of roof terraces and concrete sealer for portions of the kitchen and toilets.

We are primarily engaged in offering roof coatings, concrete waterproofing and concrete sealer services throughout the Redmond area.

Our company consists of a team of professionally managed persons in the delivery of polymer waterproofing services. Our team of professionals makes use of greater elongation and flexible polymer bases to offer highly efficient waterproofing services to our Redmond clients.

Our concrete waterproofing services help your property to resist ultra violet rays, chemicals and corrosion.

The highlights of our service are:

  • Completely water-retaining structures subjected to movements
  • Basement waterproofing for basements
  • Concrete waterproofing to protect concrete from water, de-icing salts and carbonation
  • Waterproofing of roofs, roof coatings, sunken floors in bathrooms
  • Waterproofing coating and concrete sealer, for drinking water tanks and sumps


Roof Coatings to Enhance and Extend its Life


We offer Polymer concrete waterproofing and roof coatings. Leveraging our specialized dexterity and mechanical knowledge, we have the capacity to furnish different solid polymer concrete waterproofing and roof coating services. In Redmond, we also offer cement floor waterproofing, concrete sealer, wine cellar waterproofing, divider waterproofing, root cellar waterproof, polymer waterproofing and many more quality services.

We use the most recent sealing and engineering quality materials guarantees for unrivaled, unwavering quality, synthetic safety and amazing holding power of our roof coatings. These cement waterproofing administrations are executed by quite a gifted group of experts. These concrete waterproofing services are extremely viable and affordable.


Concrete Sealer for Redmond * Concrete Sealants


Our concrete sealer protects your property against fading caused by ultraviolet rays, rain that causes spots and water damage, winter storm or snow that causes freezing, liquid spills that cause cracking and staining etc. If you use our concrete sealer and ever decide to sell your house, you will definitely get a great deal. Our waterproofing and concrete sealer services are available throughout Redmond.

We provide two types of concrete sealants, organic and inorganic.

  • Organic concrete sealants are comprised of acrylic sealers, urethane sealants, polyureas, polyaspartics and a host of other types.
  • Inorganic concrete sealants are obtained from natural compounds found in the earth like minerals and chemical substances (synthetically made).