Concrete Waterproofing Services for Puyallup


Many of Puyallup, WA’s residential property owners know that most of their fellow residential property owners are investing in installing concrete additions like porches, walkways, decks and patios to add value to their property as well as investing in structures on their properties which are made using concrete.

The popularity of concrete is primarily due to its easy affordability, impressive strength and lasting durability.

However, at Johnson Exteriors, our team of experts knows that if unaddressed, there is one aspect of concrete, which also becomes its biggest weakness, its porous structure.

Concrete, at the microscopic level, has a structure which consists of a large number of pores. Moisture can easily enter into these pores, be it through a spill or even ambient moisture and deteriorate the concrete’s quality considerably over time.

However, have no fear, because the experts at Johnson Exteriors bring to Puyallup’s residential property owners the solution, concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services.

Roof Coatings to Enhance and Extend Its Life


Getting their roof maintained isn’t exactly top priority for many Puyallup residential and business proprietors since there are mostly other more visible aspects of their property which require maintenance.

However, we at Johnson Exteriors know that despite this train of thought, the roof serves all the key functions of the structure, namely providing the occupants with protection from adverse weather conditions. To put into perspective, imagine what the inhabitants of a structure without a roof would have to endure.

It might seem like an impossibility, but water damage can significantly weaken a structure’s roof and cause a cave–in which could cause irreparable losses.

With Johnson Exteriors, Puyallup residential and business proprietors can get the roof coating services which waterproofs their property’s roof from any such damage, leaving it strong for many years to come.

Concrete Sealer Puyallup * Concrete Sealants


The experts at Johnson Exteriors know that Puyallup’s residential property owners are looking for the best deal for not only maintaining, but also for increasing their property’s value. Our concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services make sure the concrete on your property is no longer troubled by exposure to water.

Avoid any unsightly cracks, leaks, stains, peeling paint, which could escalate into large scale and expensive property damage later on.

Give the experts from Johnson Exteriors a call at 425-488-6570 and we will be happy to send over an expert to show you exactly how your property can benefit from the best concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services available in Puyallup today.