Concrete Waterproofing Services for Enumclaw



The concrete available to Enumclaw, WA residents contains an excessive amount of water in order to allow efficient mixing as well as transportation.

Once the concrete sets, this excess water flows out or evaporates, leaving behind an expansive mesh of pores and capillaries turning the slab into a hard sponge which is capable of absorbing 20 liters of water in 10 minutes.

This makes concrete extremely prone to quickly absorbing large quantities of moisture which eventually ends up degrading its quantity significantly.

Even the topmost quality concrete contains this complex mesh made up of capillaries and pores which may result in the formation of cracks and the appearance of dampness which may escalate into leaks and other associated health hazards like mold, mildew and bacteria.

Enumclaw residents can now put their minds at ease with expert concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services by Johnson Exteriors The word waterproof can mean many things to many people. We at Johnson Exteriors use special mixtures to make the concrete as watertight as possible by reducing the ratio of water to cement thereby raising the overall density of the mix and reducing the pore and capillary size.

The second waterproofing admixture fills the remaining pores ensuring a completely watertight finish.

Roof Coatings to Enhance and Extend Its Life


An extra protective coating on a roof can help Enumclaw residents protect it from any damage due to rain, sunlight or even hail. This membrane is used to seal the concrete, thereby preventing any water from entering and damaging the concrete within.

Effectively applied roof coating increases the longevity of the roof greatly.

This coating also acts as an efficient binder for the various materials used in the roof’s construction. It also stops any moisture from seeping through the roof and absorbs most of the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Concrete Sealer Enumclaw * Concrete Sealants


The term “Concrete Sealer” refers to compounds which protect concrete from corrosion one applied to it. Johnson Exteriors brings to Enumclaw a set of concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services which effectively block all pores in the concrete, greatly reducing the amount of water passing through by forming an effectively impermeable and durable layer over the roof.

The most popular types of concrete sealers are:

  • Acrylic resins
  • Silicates,
  • Epoxy
  • Silane,
  • Polyester sealers.
  • Siloxane


Johnson Exteriors’s team of experts is always ready to bring you its complete boutique of concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services which helps increase the longevity of your home at extremely affordable prices.

So give us a call on 425-488-6570 and make sure that your Enumclaw concrete designs stay beautiful for many years with the help of our concrete waterproofing (including concrete sealer and roof coatings) services.