Concrete Waterproofing Services for Covington


Our concrete waterproofing gives an instant protection to construction joints and injectable water bars that allow for resin injection of leaking joints and post construction grouting. Construction joints can be further waterproofed with the concrete sealer. We offer a variety of roof coatings that are made from a very flexible polymer and can be applied over the complete joint of the construction, either externally or internally.

Our concrete waterproofing service, roof coatings, and concrete sealer for your exterior building surfaces insures long term durability and protections against weather and the elements.

Our water repellant and concrete sealer work aids in the prevention of moisture penetration or unusual leakages.

Properly applied roof coatings and concrete waterproofing is the perfect way to prevent staining or possible mold and mildew growth and maximize the longevity of your Covington home’s structures. We have experts that can handle this task in the most accurate way.


Roof Coatings to Enhance and Extend its Life


As we’re sure you realize, the roof is the most critical and important aspect of any building or home. It is valuable, as well as very critical to think about before conducting any home improvement or remodeling project. Our concrete waterproofing and roof coatings service protect your Covington home’s basic framework, and furnishes them with a lifetime of unwavering quality and security.

A concrete sealer deals with spillage and holes on the floor or walkways, while roof coatings furnish you with smooth and alluring surfaces for the roof. We only utilize the best hydrophilic water bars, which seals crevices by swelling up to 400% its original size.

The concrete waterproofing solutions and roof coatings we use while executing service to your Covington home can't cause any damage to your child or pet.


Concrete Sealer for Covington * Concrete Sealants


We offer the best concrete sealer that can be used with any type of patching or gap filling. Our concrete waterproofing services are also quite famous in the Covington are and we are glad to provide you hundreds of references or reviews.

We also offer concrete sealer and roof coatings with semi rigid epoxy which can work as a perfect crack filler and can control the joints on the roof corner or on an interior slab floor.

Our concrete sealants work like magic to prevent the failure of the joint edge from heavy foot traffic or even equipment traffic and fork lifts.

Give us a call for all your waterproofing, roof coatings, and concrete sealant needs.