Seattle Composition Roof

Composition-Roof-Seattle-WAComposition roof is one of the most affordable and durable roofing materials. However, if not installed correctly, it can prove to be a nightmare. With so many years in this field, Johnson Exteriors won’t let that happen.

We are an expert composition roof installation company in the Seattle, WA area, adept at handling projects of any size. If you are a homeowner in this beautiful Washington city, here is why you should opt for our composition roof Seattle area services:

  • Safe handling of composition roof materials
  • Composition roof sourced from some of the most trusted manufacturers
  • Clear idea about the cost of a composition roof installation
  • Thoroughly professional yet friendly service


Hire us for reliable, affordable composition roof Seattle area installation services.

Seattle Composition Roofing

Composition-Roofing-Seattle-WAWhen it comes to roofing, it not only has to look good, but it should be durable as well. Composition roofing has those qualities, which makes it a great bet for Seattle residents.

Composition roofing is resistant to weather conditions, is fire-resistant, and can be made algae and mold resistant very easily. If you are going for a new roof for your home, here is why you should choose composition roofing:

  • Composition roofing is very affordable compared to other roofing materials
  • There are laminated composition roofing products similar to cedar shingles
  • Composition roofing is available in a range of different colors
  • Composition roofing is one of the easiest materials to install


For more information on the different types of composition roofing available and the warranties, feel free to get in touch with us.

Seattle Roofing Contractor


Did you know that shingles are not a viable option for low-slope roofs? Also, leak barriers are essential in your roofing to prevent water from seeping under. It is this attention to detail that we bring to the table as a roofing contractor for Seattle.

With years of experience behind us as a roofing contractor, you can trust us to do a long-lasting job. Here are some more reasons why you should hire us as your roofing contractor in Seattle:

  • As a roofing contractor, we have experience working with different kinds of materials
  • As a roofing contractor, we can always suggest ways to cut costs
  • We give value for money as a reputed roofing contractor


If it is a reliable roofing contractor that you are searching for in the Seattle area, you can count on us. To get a free cost estimate for your project, call Johnson Exteriors at (360) 226-2521. We are here to help.