Redmond Composition Roof


Composition roof shingles should not sag beyond the edge of the roof. Similarly, a drip edge is vital for any composition roof, especially in cities like Redmond, WA, with frequent rainfall. Only experienced composition roof experts can have such intricate knowledge about composition roof installations, such as Johnson Exteriors.

We are one of the most trusted when it comes to composition roof Redmond homes installation. With the experience of handling several composition roof Redmond projects, we ensure:

  • Your composition roof residential installation is completed on time
  • No inconvenience is caused during composition roof installation
  • You get full value for your money when using a composition roof
  • Your composition roof is able to withstand weather conditions
  • You don’t have to sweat over the care and maintenance of your composition roof


As experienced composition roof installation professionals, we make sure that every project is well done.

Redmond Composition Roofing


Composition roofing is a popular roofing material for Redmond homeowners, and there is good reason for that. Compared to other roofing materials:

  • Composition roofing is mold and algae resistant
  • Composition roofing is lightweight and easier to install
  • Composition roofing is easier to maintain
  • Composition roofing is more cost effective
  • Composition roofing is more durable


Good quality composition roofing correctly installed can last for more than 30 years. In addition to that, composition roofing does not fade or peel easily even over the course of several years. Given the many advantages of composition roofing, it can be really advantageous for Redmond homeowners, since the city can experience dank weather conditions.

Redmond Roofing Contractor


Be it metal sheets, composition roof, or cedar shingles, a good roofing contractor is vital for a long lasting roof. While looking for a reliable roofing contractor fir Redmond, here is why you must consider us:

  • We are a roofing contractor that has excellent relations with manufacturers
  • We are a roofing contractor that has skilled staff
  • We are a roofing contractor hat can offer affordable services
  • As a roofing contractor, we always work with you to save time and money


Johnson Exteriors is a trusted roofing contractor in the Redmond area for commercial and residential projects. As a roofing contractor, we are known for quality installation, inspection, and maintenance services. Call us at (360) 226-2521 to know more about our special offers on roofing projects, and how we can help you.