Ravensdale Composition Roof


Is it time to replace the roof of your home? Do you need to get a roof installed over your under-construction commercial property? Are you exploring the different options available in roofing types or materials?

Johnson Exteriors suggests that you invest in a composition roofing system. Also called asphalt shingle roof, a composition roof uses shingles that are made of cellulose or fiberglass mats with a coating of asphalt and granules.

There is a growing preference for a composition roof in Ravensdale, WA and beyond because of the many benefits it offers over other types of roofing systems. The key attractive features of composition roofing include:

  • Weather-resistance
  • Excellent aesthetics and longevity
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Relatively low price

We are a state licensed roofing contractor with a long-standing stellar presence in the local industry. Our company specializes in composition roof installation. Ravensdale home and business owners can count on us to lay a sturdy and water-tight composition roof on their building.

Ravensdale Composition Roofing


Roofing needs of different property owners are never the same. That is why our services as a roofing contractor are highly customized to suit the unique aesthetic and functional requirements as well as financial capabilities of every property owner that comes to us.

You can expect us to offer a large selection of design, color, and texture of composition roof shingles. We make sure that the composition roofing of your Ravensdale property complements its exterior look and uplifts its curb appeal.

We are equally committed to fetching you optimal returns from your investment in a composition roofing system. To make sure of this, we have your composition roofing installed:

  • Using top-grade products
  • By a highly skilled crew
  • With advanced tools
  • Carefully and as per code

Ravensdale Roofing Contractor


Consistently maintaining a high level of excellence in all our work has made us a trusted roofing contractor in the Ravensdale area. We founded the business with the aim of delivering ethical, seamless services at a pocket-friendly price. This objective has remained unchanged.

Choosing us for installing your composition roof brings you the satisfaction of working with a roofing contractor that is:

  • A proven pro and an industry leader
  • Genuinely dedicated to serving you
  • Certified by many roofing product manufacturers
  • Known for customer-friendly practices

If you hire us once, we are sure to become the only roofing contractor you ever want to work with! Call Johnson Exteriors at (360) 226-2521 to schedule installation of composition roofing at your Ravensdale property.