Puyallup Composition Roof


Nailing shouldn’t be done at an angle, and rainbow arches should be avoided. It takes skill and experience to get such intricacies right when installing a composition roof, and Johnson Exteriors has that.

As a professional composition roof company in the Puyallup, WA area serving the community for the last number of years, we have what it takes for an affordable, long-lasting roofing job. Here is what we bring with us as a composition roof Puyallup area company:

  • Intricate know-how about different composition roof materials
  • Affordable pricing for composition roof residential installation
  • Amazing attention to detail for every composition roof project big and small

Our accredited composition roof services ensure you make a good investment in roofing your Puyallup home. We never let our clients down.

Puyallup Composition Roofing


Roofing is most susceptible to weather elements, and the growth of mold and algae. That’s where composition roofing is such a good roofing material. For Puyallup homeowners, composition roofing can be a viable roofing solution. Here is why:

  • Composition roofing is inexpensive compared to other materials
  • With correct installation, composition roofing can last many years
  • Composition roofing does not peel or warp even in wet weather conditions
  • Composition roofing is lightweight, which makes it less susceptible to sagging


We have composition roofing in a variety of colors and sizes. In fact, we have composition roofing that resembles the look of cedar shingles, which gives you the best of everything.

Puyallup Roofing Contractor


You could choose the most expensive roofing material, but it will all come to naught in the hands of a bad roofing contractor. We are not the only good roofing contractor for Puyallup, but we are definitely one of the best and most trusted ones. We are a dependable roofing contractor, and here’s why:

  • We are a roofing contractor that always gives you detailed cost estimates
  • We are a roofing contractor with many choices in roofing materials
  • We are an accredited roofing contractor that understands roofing installations
  • We are a roofing contractor known for exceptional inspection and maintenance services
  • We are a roofing contractor that practices innovative installations


For a trustworthy roofing contractor in the Puyallup area that can deliver projects on time, call Johnson Exteriors at (360) 226-2521. We are one of the best out there.