Maple Valley Composition Roof


At Johnson Exteriors, Inc. we are proud to offer your home the aerial makeover that it deserves. We undertake all kinds of composition roofing services for Maple Valley WA residents.

Our roofing contractor will offer all the guidance required for styling your home. Trust our roofing contractor service in Maple Valley to suggest some of the best composition roofing solutions for installing a composition roof for your properties.

The benefits for your home include:

  • Exceptional aesthetic appeal
  • Mineral fillers on the roof for water protection
  • Inexpensive improvement to the styling

Composition shingle roofing offers your Maple Valley home an aesthetic reformation. We guarantee that your home will be the object of your neighbors’ wonder and envy once our contractor, design experts, and workmen have done their magic for you.

Maple Valley Composition Roofing


Select a composition roof or utilize composition roofing solutions to remodel your Maple Valley home. We offer dozens of options to provide your home with a unique makeover. No wonder we are already among the more preferred roofing contractor services in Maple Valley.

Composition roofing services for installing a composition roof for your Maple Valley home brings in aesthetic appeal, and other benefits such as:

  • Protection from sun, rain, winds or snow
  • Sturdiness to prevent home intrusions
  • Protect your home from rodents and pests

Consider opting for composition roofing alternatives and install a composition roof for your Maple Valley property today!

Maple Valley Roofing Contractor


Every home deserves attention to minor detailing. We commit to providing a professional roofing contractor for your home roof repair requirements. We understand your composition roofing needs, and offer composition roof designs for your Maple Valley home perfectly matched to your liking.

We offer our roofing contractor services in Maple Valley for all the homeowners who are looking to give a quick makeover and more structural strength to their properties.

By choosing us as your roofing contractor for your Maple Valley property, you receive our specialized, undivided attention for installation of your house’s composition roof.

Also, consider benefits like:

  • Zero maintenance requirements
  • Easy to scrub surface
  • Durability and sturdiness of fiberglass shingles

Reach out to us at Johnson Exteriors, Inc. and our roofing contractor will guide you with the right choice of composition roofing services for your Maple Valley home. Contact us at (360) 226-2521.