Covington Composition Roof


Do you need composition roofing installation in cold weather? Or do you frequently face the problem of ice dams in winter months? Often, cold weather can hamper the installation of a new composition roof. However, Johnson Exteriors in the Covington, WA area is adept at handling all kinds of situations. We have years of experience in this field.

For example, our expert composition roof installation experts know that using nail guns during winter months can be counter-productive. Thus, they always nail it by hand when executing composition roof Covington projects in winters.

If you are looking for composition roof replacement, or are building a new home altogether, you can trust us to deliver the very best.

  • We have been installing composition roof systems for many years
  • We practice energy saving techniques for composition roof installation
  • We give you the best value for the money

Covington Composition Roofing


Covington can experience harsh weather conditions, which means traditional roofing like wood may not be able to last for very long. Given that you don’t want to spoil the aesthetics of your beautiful home, composition roofing is a good alternative to traditional roofing systems.

Here is why composition roofing in Covington can actually be a good idea:

  • Composition roofing is easier to install and maintain
  • Plenty of design and color options are available in composition roofing
  • Composition roofing does not peel or fade easily

As composition roofing Covington area experts, we can actually help you source and install the best materials available.

Covington Roofing Contractor


Roofs take skilled installation and regular upkeep in order to last a long time. Badly installed roofs, or cheap material can often result in roof blow-offs. As an experienced roofing contractor for Covington, we make sure that never happens. '

We make sure every project is executed immaculately. Here are a few more reasons why choosing us as your roofing contractor is a safe bet:

  • As a roofing contractor, we are used to working within tight deadlines
  • As a roofing contractor we suggest cost-effective roofing solutions
  • We are a roofing contractor that has experience in a wide range of roofing solutions


Hire us as your roofing contractor for peace of mind. As roofing contractors, we have handled thousands of projects, each to the satisfaction of our customers. Call Johnson Exteriors at (360) 226-2521 to get a free estimate.