Bellevue Composition Roof


Bellevue, WA experiences strong winds, rainfall, and snowfall every year, and this makes it very important to have correct roof installation service. While a composition roof is sturdy and durable, bad composition roof installation can lead to partial roof blow-offs, and debris accumulation. This is the situation where we at Johnson Exteriors can be of help with our years of experience.

As one of the expert composition roof Bellevue area companies, we ensure that your roofing will be sturdy for many years to come. We are full-service composition roof contractors that give you:

  • Expert composition roof installation from start to finish
  • Friendly and hassle-free service for a composition roof
  • Competitively-priced composition roof that’s superior in quality

Bellevue Composition Roofing


Given that Bellevue can experience harsh weather conditions from time to time, composition roofing is a good bet compared to other kinds of roofing materials. Here is why composition roofing is a good idea:

  • Composition roofing is long-lasting
  • Composition roofing comes in a lot of attractive color options
  • Composition roofing is an environmentally friendly option

Bellevue Roofing Contractor


Bad roofing design, installation, or improper upkeep and maintenance could result in extensive damage to the property. This is the reason why it is essential to get the right roofing contractor for the job. We come with extensive experience as a roofing contractor in the Bellevue area, having undertaken more than 5,000 projects, both residential and commercial.

When choosing a roofing contractor in the Bellevue area, the below mentioned are some reasons why you should give us serious thought:

  • As a roofing contractor we give you accredited services
  • We are a reputed roofing contractor comfortable working on deadlines
  • As an experienced roofing contractor, we pay attention to detail
  • We can ensure regular upkeep and maintenance as your roofing contractor

You can trust us when it comes to roofing installations, maintenance and repair, be it composition roofing, or the metal sheet variety. For a free estimate on your roofing project, give us a call at (360) 226-2521. Let us know your requirements and expect the professional service that will cater to all your requirements from the selecting of the materials to the implementing of the designs and styles of the products.