Ravensdale Cedar Shake Roof


If you are interested in an architectural detail that makes your property stand out in the neighborhood, consider investing in cedar roofing. Property owners have been using wood shakes and shingles for their roofs for ages.

There are several benefits from having a cedar shake roof in your Ravensdale, WA area property. Some ways in which cedar shakes make a better option than other roofing materials are:

  • Gives a beautiful rustic look to the building
  • Are resistant to bugs and harsh weather conditions
  • Provide excellent insulation and energy-efficiency
  • Are sustainable, bio-degradable, eco-friendly

At Johnson Exteriors, we specialize in working on cedar roofing systems. We install cedar shake roof in Ravensdale for new constructions, repairing cedar roofs, and handling roof replacement jobs. Get in touch with us today if you want to know more about cedar roofing or want to schedule wood roof installation or repair services.

Ravensdale Shake Roof


The roofing system is a critically important and financially significant investment in your property. It is advisable not to make a hasty decision either in choosing the roofing product or in selecting the roof installers.

While opting for cedar roofing is a good idea, you must make an effort to find genuinely competent professionals for cedar shake roof installation in your Ravensdale area property. The process of installing cedar shingles or shakes is a bit complex, and the expertise of installers can impact efficiency, strength, reliability, and durability of the roofing system.

Ensure your peace of mind and put your money to good use by hiring us to install your cedar roof. We are committed to delivering professional services and send over technicians who come to the job with:

  • Rigorous training
  • Long experience and proven skills
  • Advanced tools and top-grade products
  • A focused, diligent approach

Ravensdale Cedar Shake


With proper care and maintenance, your cedar roofing system can last for many decades. However, you might need to get it repaired occasionally despite proper upkeep.

There are factors like impact of strong winds, hail and fallen tree branches that can damage the roof. Pest activity is another hazard that can occur, and you will need cedar shake roof repair around Ravensdale.

Think of us when beauty or structural integrity of your wood roofing system takes a hit. We assure you of repairs done:

  • Quickly, yet meticulously
  • With lasting solutions
  • For a fair, affordable price

Let Johnson Exteriors be your first choice for cedar shake roof services in the Ravensdale area. Call (360) 226-2521.