Puyallup Cedar Shake Roof


If you are in need of a roof with beauty, distinctive style, strength, thermal efficiency and durability, then look no further than Johnson Exteriors since we provide some of the best cedar shake roof renovations. We offer a wide variety of services, which will help the residents of the Puyallup, WA area protect and preserve their beautiful roofs with procedures such as cedar shake roof cleaning and cedar shake roof repair.

All our services are carried out by experienced roof renovators who strive to provide some of the best roofing services in the Puyallup area.

  • One of our main specialties is cedar shake roof repair in the Puyallup area
  • Our services area also available to residents in the surrounding area
  • Our clients, whether in Puyallup or beyond, have never been dissatisfied
  • In addition to our roof repair and roof cleaning, we also offer roof replacement services

Puyallup Shake Roof


A cedar shake roof is meant to outlast other roofing options when they receive proper care and treatment provided by us, which will keep your roof looking as beautiful and sturdy as ever. As your cedar shake roof ages, the need for cleaning and preservation methods will increase even though the preservatives of the wood will resist insect damage. After a time, humid conditions allow the growth of mildew, mold and algae, which will decay the cedar shake roof if not removed in time.

  • All our Puyallup area customers are treated like family when receiving a consultation
  • Contact us if your roof has a dark brown or black tone
  • Avoid premature replacement of your cedar shake roof with regular maintenance

Puyallup Cedar Shake


We are professionals in the roofing business and we know that over time, over exposure to the elements will cause your roof to wear out in the Puyallup area. There is simply no reason for you as a Puyallup area homeowner to allow your roof to deteriorate when Johnson Exteriors provides perfect service with highly competitive prices. We always focus on providing timely and efficient craftsmanship for our Puyallup area homeowners.

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