North Bend Cedar Shake Roof


Having a proper cedar shake roof installation for your home can determine the appearance as well as the lifespan of the roofs for residents in North Bend. We at Johnson Exteriors take great pride in providing our customers in the North Bend area with some of the best cedar shake roof installation services in the business. Our staff is certified in various cedar shake roof installation and treatment services to accommodate the needs of residents in the North Bend area.

  • We provide several types of cedar shake roof services for our customers
  • We offer a variety of services to help preserve the structure of our customers’ roof
  • We are equipped to facilitate the various roofing needs of our customers in North Bend
  • Constant exposure to the elements can lead to deterioration of your cedar shake roof

North Bend Shake Roof


A cedar shake roof is probably the best option for residents in North Bend, WA because it adds a distinctive and stylish look their homes. Here at Johnson Exteriors, we keep in mind the need for customers in the North Bend area to retain the durability and the elegant appearance of their roofs for several years. A cedar shake roof also provides natural insulation for your home, as a result cutting the cost of your cooling and heating expenses.

  • Recommending regular cleaning and maintenance to increase the roof’s structural integrity
  • Providing preventative methods to hinder the growth of mold and mildew on your roof
  • With the proper treatment, a cedar shake roof can outlast several other roofing types
  • The roofing is resistant to heavy rains and strong winds

North Bend Cedar Shake


When your call our office for a cedar roof installation, we not only offer a free estimate but we do a thorough analysis of your roof before we commence our task. Our technicians have years of experience and we strive to give our customers in North Bend the finest quality craftsmanship to achieve suitable results. Our technicians are equipped with tools and accessories to perform your installations in minimal time.

  • Offering an affordable rate for the installation of your cedar shake roof
  • We offer exceptional roof cleaning services to our customers
  • Recommending the customers do scheduled and regular roof cleaning treatments
  • We offer several options of roof cleaning and maintenance