Kent Cedar Shake Roof


If done properly, cedar shake roof installations will not only enhance the appearance of your roof but it also extends the lifespan of the structure. That’s why here at Johnson Exteriors, we are adamant to provide efficient cedar shake roof services to our customers in Kent. Our staff is proficient in cedar shake roof installations and treatments to facilitate the individual needs of residents in the Kent area.

  • Our technicians are equipped with the tools to perform a wide variety of roofing services
  • Customizing cedar shake roof installations to suit the needs of our customers in Kent
  • Cedar shake roof may deteriorate over time due to exposure of the various elements
  • Offering a wide array of end results for your roof installations

Kent Shake Roof


For homeowners in the Kent area who want to give their place of solitude that elegant and distinctive look, having a cedar shake roof may be the answer that they’ve been looking for. We take into consideration the need for customers in the Kent, WA area to maintain their roof’s structural integrity and appearance, thus providing customers with a cedar shake roof which naturally insulates their homes and help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • A cedar shake roof can outlast other types of roofs if the proper treatment is administered
  • We recommend regular maintenance of your roof to promote its longevity
  • To eliminate the growth of mold and mildew, we provide customers with preventative options
  • Cedar shake roofing is also resistant to heavy rains and strong hurricane winds
  • Scheduled roof cleaning helps to prevent infestations that can discolor your roof

Kent Cedar Shake


We give residents in the Kent area a comprehensive analysis of their roof before performing the task that is needed. We also provide them with free estimates for our installation and the other services that are available. Our technicians strive to give customers in the Kent area the finest quality craftsmanship to attain satisfactory results for your cedar shake roof installation.

  • The installation of your roof is executed in minimal time
  • We offer competitive rates for installations and treatments
  • Offering a wide range of options for both our treatment and installation services
  • Our technicians pay attention to detail and execute their tasks with precision