Cedar Shake Roof Installations for the Federal Way Homeowner



Federal Way, WA homeowners can install a cedar shake roof on their homes and enjoy all of its benefits. Our professional services for cedar shake roof installations at Johnson Exteriors are highly recommended and preferred by homeowners in the Federal Way area.

Using professional cedar shake roof installation services is recommended because of the following reasons:

  • Professional cedar shake roof installation delivers high quality services
  • Durability is ensured with professional roof installation services
  • Residents can get an estimate of the cost of their cedar shake roof installation


Getting a cedar shake roof on your home will make it look antique, as well as historical. Many people in the Federal Way area love the antique look of homes and prefer to have cedar shake roofs on their homes. Choosing to have cedar shake roof installations for residents in the Federal Way is highly recommended.

A Shake Roof Has Many Benefits for the Federal Way Resident



There are many benefits to shake roof installation that residents of the Federal Way area can enjoy. Installing cedar shake roofs on home properties lets residents enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cedar roofs are very durable and provide quality noise insulation
  • Moisture protection is one of the characteristics of a shake roof
  • Cedar shake roofs make your home look antique and historical
  • Cedar shake roof installation is affordable
  • Cedar roofs are insect, as well as UV radiation resistant


Residents of the area are highly recommended to use installation services when getting a shake roof on their homes. Shake roofs are also well-known for providing heat insulation, which is beneficial for all residents of the area.

Why Choose Us to Install a Cedar Shake Roof in Federal Way?



Federal Way area residents can easily install cedar roofs on their homes with our professional roof installation services. Residents of the Federal Way area prefer to use our services for roof installation on their homes because of the following reasons:

  • Our roof installation services have been known by residents in the area for many years
  • Our specialists have years of experience providing quality shake roof installation services
  • Our prices for roof installation services are very affordable
  • Our services offer great durability and high quality
  • Our roof installation services provide quick results


All residents of the area can contact us for gathering more information on our services. Getting an estimate for your project is also possible with our professionals.