Covington Cedar Shake Roof


The Covington area homeowner now has access to one of the finest and most trustworthy complete cedar shake roof installation services in Washington State.

Johnson Exteriors brings its years of service to your city with cedar shake roofs – the most trusted roofing solution for your new or remodeled home. With a cedar shake roof over your Covington area home, your home gets:

  • A hard, rustic look
  • The feeling of naturally cut wood
  • The endurance that quality brings

You can give us a call the day you decide to build a new home or remodel your old home in the Covington, WA area. We work in tandem with architects, contractors, and builders to provide a customized, individually fit cedar shake roof that blends in with your home.

Covington Shake Roof


A concerned resident of the Covington area will be happy to know that the installation of a cedar shake roof can provide a number of added benefits. Cedar roofs are thus highly preferred over simple shingles.

A cedar shake roof in your Covington area home is:

  • Recyclable
  • Renewable
  • Durable
  • A natural insulator


In summers, a cedar shake roof makes the interior of your home feel a tad cooler than the external temperature. Similarly, your Covington area home feels warm during winters.

However, the installation of a cedar shake roof in the Covington area is more complicated than other roofing options. It is recommended to call in a professional for the task.

We provide skilled craftsmen and experienced professionals for your cedar shake roof installation. We make sure that the roof you have is complete and up to your level of satisfaction.

Covington Cedar Shake


Having spent so many years in the business, Johnson Exteriors is known across Washington State for our quality of workmanship and our professionalism. We have installed a cedar shake roof over numerous Covington area homes to add to our experience before approaching your home.

Our services are known across the state for our:

  • Professional approach
  • Quality and assurance
  • Competitive pricing


We are certified by a number of our product manufacturers for your cedar shake roof. We also provide a one year guarantee for labor and material in the Covington area.

After the installation of your cedar shake roof, our experts keep in touch for regular maintenance. Besides, you can give us a call for any repairs at any time in the Covington area.

Call us today at (360) 226-2521.