Auburn Cedar Shake Roof


Given the good insulating properties of a cedar shake roof, it makes for an ideal choice for saving on energy costs in Auburn, WA. In fact, correct installation of a cedar shake roof can make it resistant to wind. This is where Johnson Exteriors comes in the picture with their years of experience.

As an experienced roofing contractor who has executed thousands of cedar shake roof Auburn projects, we will make sure that your money is well spent. As a cedar shake roof Auburn expert:

  • We make sure you get the best cedar shake roof material
  • We pay attention to minute details of every cedar shake roof project
  • We guide you on the best way to maintain a cedar shake roof
  • We assign skilled staff for every cedar shake roof project


Get in touch with us to get more information on our cedar shake roof services, and a cost estimate.

Auburn Shake Roof


A shake roof may be a little more expensive than other roofing materials, but it can actually be a great investment for Auburn residents. For one, the natural aesthetics of a shake roof works well with many Auburn homes. But that’s not where the advantages of a shake roof end.

Here are some more benefits of shake roof Auburn installations:

  • Shake roof has insulating properties and can bring down your energy bills
  • Shake roof is much more resistant to hail and wind
  • Shake roof is more durable than other roofing materials


If you are looking for a shake roof in Auburn, get in touch with us for affordable services.

Auburn Cedar Shake


We have been in business as cedar shake Auburn installation experts since 1999. But experience is not the only reason.

Here is what you get when you choose us for a cedar shake Auburn project:

  • Timely delivery of all cedar shake installations
  • Accredited cedar shake installation services
  • Affordable pricing of all cedar shake Auburn projects
  • Great know-how about cedar shake


If you are an Auburn homeowner looking for a cedar shake roof for your property, we are one of your best bets. Call Johnson Exteriors at (360) 226-2521 to discuss your cedar shake roof project. We will give you a no-obligation free estimate.